For the first time, Tycho Brahe Planetarium’s Dome Theatre will be filled with live astronomic music and breathtaking visuals for this concert with Trio Nebula.

NB. Dette arrangement er på Engelsk. Se dansk beskrivelse nedenfor.

Time: 20-22
Price: 250 kr.
Students and members: 200 kr.

Trio Nebula was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden, and is made up by Monica Schmidt Andersen (recorder), Els van der Weij (saxophone), and percussionist and composer Ruud Roelofsen. The trio is constantly on the lookout for new styles of contemporary music and colours and that has brought them to the colourful world of nebulas to find a suitable name for the group. Trio Nebula works closely with composers to create new music and here space has been a big inspiration.


Trio Nebula will be performing different works, that relate to space in one way or another. For example, the work Return by Rasmus Zwicki, that has come about with thoughts on how each time a comet returns to the sun, it loses part of its core, gradually nebulizing into the elliptical path of its orbit.


The evening will essentially be a conversation between music and science. Tycho Brahe Planetariums astrophysicist Tina Ibsen will give short talks about the science behind the music and guide you through our universe with stunning visuals from space. In response, the trio will be performing music inspired by the scientific talks.


We will hear music written specifically for the trio by Danish and Dutch composers – music you can also find on their debut album Puls from 2014. The trio has previously toured around the Netherlands and performed at observatories with their astronomical music.


The concert is arranged with support from Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.


Dansk – Koncert med Trio Nebula


Trio Nebula består af blokfløjtenist, Monica Schmidt Andersen, saxofonist Els van der Weij og percussionist Ruud Roelofsen. Trioen blev dannet i 2010 og arbejder med at fortolke og formidle ny klassik musik til et bredt publikum. Musikerne er konstant på udkig efter nye klange og farver, hvilket bragte dem til nebulaens farverige univers for at finde et passende navn til trioen. Trioen arbejder tæt sammen med komponister i skabelsen af ny musik og netop rummet har været inspirationen bag mange af trioens værker.  Arrangementet byder bl.a. på musik skrevet specielt til trioen af danske og hollandske komponister, som kan findes på trioens debutalbummet ”Puls” fra 2014.


Aftenen vil være en samtale mellem musik og videnskab. Tycho Brahe Planetariums astrofysiker Tina Ibsen vil give korte introduktioner omkring den videnskab, som har inspireret til musikken og guide os gennem universet med flotte billeder fra rummet.


Introduktionen til de forskellige numre og de korte foredrag om astronomi vil være på engelsk, men musikken taler sit eget universelle sprog.


Projektet er støttet af Dansk Komponist Forenings Produktionspulje og KODA´s Kulturelle Midler.