Astronomy and space research

Tycho Brahe Planetarium is Denmark's most advanced centre for popularizing astronomy and space research and promoting knowledge on natural science.


A giant screen experience

During the day we present digital movies and IMAX films. IMAX is the largest film format in the world. You will see nature's magnificence, whether the shows take you below the surface of the sea, out in space or into the jungle. Before each show you will be taken on a spacejourney using the Digital Universe.



The Dome Theatre

The films are shown on our 1000 m2 dome-shaped screen which gives you the impression of being part of the on-screen action. Each show starts with a journey into space. Seated in the comfortable flight seats you can look forward to an hour with no time or space limitations. All our shows are narrated in Danish.

If you would like to hear the English narration, headphones are available at the ticketsale for DKK 20.

Movies in the summer Holiday only with English narration and speak are The Search for Life in Space and Voyage of Time. 


NEW EXHIBITION - 1th of February

The new exhibition is called Made in Space. Here you can find out where we all come from. Your body’s components – the atoms – originates from space, and through a cosmic journey we will discover where all the different elements are formed.