3D movies and a moon rock

Tycho Brahe Planetarium always have a handful of IMAX and 3D movies, each showing a number of times each day. And in our exhibition you and see a real moon rock.

Shows in the Dome Theatre

Tycho Brahe Planetarium always features a handful of IMAX movies in our 1000 m2 dome-shaped screen – The Dome Theatre (Kuppelsalen). Before each show you will be lead on a journey through the Universe with our digital 3D universe. Here you will experience the Universe like never before. As this is a planetarium you get a brief introduction to the current night sky before each show.


English narration

All movies are with Danish narration, if you wish to listen to the English narration headphones are available for sale for DKK 20 kr. OPTION! Unfortunately there isn't english narration for all movies in Sal 2! Please ask at the Ticket sale.


Children under the age of 3
The sound and the picture in the Space Theater can be overwhelming and therefore we don't permit children under the age of 3 in the Space Theater.Even for adults the giant screen experience can be overwhelming. If you get dizzy just close your eyes and the dizziness will go away immediately.

The Active Universe

Our permanent exhibition The Active Universe takes you on a tour through our Universe. We start with our Solar System and large model of the 8 planets as well as 5 dwarf planets are featured in the centre of the exhibition. Here you can get to know how our Solar System was formed billions of years ago, and see real pieces of meteorite rocks. Remember to look both up and down to get the full experience.


A Journey through Space

In March 2013 the activity A Journey through Space opened. Here you will be led on a journey from the beginning of space exploration until today. Have you ever through of how astronauts live at the international space station? In A Journey through Space you can find the answer.


Astronaut Challenge

In weekends all year around children can try our astronaut challenge, and see if they have what it takes to become an astronaut. If they complete the challenge, they will receive a diplom