Summer at the planetarium

From June 30th to August 12th we have a special programme for our English speaking audience. At Tycho Brahe Planetarium you can see exhibitions about space and immerse yourself in a visually overwhelming experience in our dome theatre. Entrance include exhibition, a movie and activities.

The exhibition

The main exhibition at Tycho Brahe Planetarium is Made in Space, where we take you on a journey the universe in order to gather our own ingredients. Did you know the helium in the water in your cells was formed shortly after Big Bang? Made in Space is engaging and interactive. We invite you to make your own stars and turn back time to where it all began.

We also have an exhibition about the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, where you can learn more about how he discovered a supernova in 1572, an exhibition about space missions, where you can send of your own mission, and the largest rock from the moon on display outside of the United States.


Guided Tour

Every day at 15.45 you can join one of our guides for a guided tour in English of our award winning exhibition Made in Space, where we find the cosmic ingredients for life.


During the day we will be running different workshops. The language of the activity is Danish, but our guides will be ready to give English Instructions.

From 11.00-13.00 you can make your own UV-Bracelets and learn more about the radiation from the Sun.

From 13.00-14.00 you will have a chance to see the Sun through a solar telescope. 

From 14.00-15.30 we will show you how to make a solar filter for your smart phone. With it you can investigate the light from the Sun and other light sources and make your own rainbow.


The movie ‘The search for Life in Space’ will be playing every day at 16.30 and as the last show of the day with English speak. (From June 30th to August 12th)


NOTE: There might be changes from day to day. Check the current programme here. Note that due to technical issues part of the booking process online is in Danish. You can also purchase tickets upon arrival.