Join us for an evening about the early Univers through the movie *Voyage of time* and a talk by researcher Gabriel Brammer from Copenhagen University.



18.00: Movie – Voyage of time

19.00: A glas of bubbles served in the exhibition

19.30: Talk – The early Universe

20.30: Thank you, and goodnight




Movie: Voyage of time

Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience is a 45 minute adventure through time and space told by Brad Pitt. The movie is a celebration of live and the magnificent history of our Universe. You are guided through 13.8 billion years of history from the Big Bang – the beginning of cosmos through the time of the dinosaurs and to today – and the beyond.


Voyage of time is the first documentary in the IMAX format from director Terrence Malick. It has been celebrated as his most original film to date.


Talk: The early Universe

The early Universe was very different from the Universe that we live in today. By using telescopes we have been able to look back in time and see what came before us. Recently celebrating its 28th year in space, the Hubble Space Telescope has revolutionized our understanding of how galaxies, including our own Milky Way, form and evolve. With continued refurbishment and upgrades with ever more sensitive instruments, Hubble has dramatically pushed the cosmic frontier of the observable universe further back in time, most recently by detecting extraordinarily faint, distant galaxies when the universe was only a small fraction of its current age of 13.7 billion years. In this talk Gabriel Brammer, researcher at the Cosmic Dawn Center, at Copenhagen University, will review the history of Hubble's contributions to exploring galaxies in the early universe—the rapidly-growing seeds that will evolve into the more stately cosmic structures we observe today—and the exciting future prospects for the next generation of giant ground- and space-based telescope missions.